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What is medication management?

Medication is a crucial part of treatment for most patients with mental illness. Medication management is a service dedicated to the selection and dosing of medications.

Proper medication management ensures that the patient is taking the right medications in the right amount. It also provides that the patient’s medications do not produce dangerous interactions.

Why is medication management necessary?

Every patient is unique and may react to medication differently. Additionally, each medication prescribed poses a risk of specific side effects and complications, and they can also interact with each other, leading to potentially serious problems for the patient. Medication management reduces the patient’s risk of dealing with these issues.

Another critical role of ongoing medication management involves ensuring that patients continue taking the necessary medications. Patients with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder must continue taking their medication to manage symptoms and prevent setbacks.

If patients skip the medication they need, they are more likely to experience severe symptoms related to their condition.

How does medication management improve effectiveness?

You can improve the effectiveness of your medications by taking only the recommended dosage. You should also take medications at the same time every day. Follow all of your provider’s treatment instructions, and attend all recommended therapy sessions at Wholesome Psychiatry, LLC for optimal results.

If you feel that your medicine is not as effective as it should be, never try to adjust the dosage on your own. Taking too much or too little medication can be dangerous.

Contact your Wholesome Psychiatry provider for guidance before making any changes to your medication regimen.

How often should I see my provider for medication management services?

If you take medication for a mental disorder, you should make an appointment at Wholesome Psychiatry LLC whenever you need a prescription refill. Promptly book a medication management appointment if you begin experiencing problematic side effects or medication-related symptoms.

Also, if you feel that the current dosage is not as effective as it should be, contact your provider at Wholesome Psychiatry for an appointment.

To learn more about medication management and other services available, call the office to schedule an evaluation, or book one online, which is fast and easy.