She is awesome
FRANK I. | Oct 28, 2023

By far the most understanding and empathetic doctor I’ve ever dealt with- she offers solutions and truly has impacted my life for the better.

JENNIFER M. | Sep 01, 2023

Very attentive and helpful
AMY W. | Aug 25, 2023

Once I found the office I was completely relaxed and happy to be there. Dorothy’s receptionist is a lovely, competent, helpful young lady who helped me with directions. Dorothy is bright, charming and professional. She made me completely at ease. We had a great initial conversation and I look forward to our next meeting.
THOMAS M. | Aug 24, 2023

Highly recommend her.
DANIEL C. | Jul 18, 2023

DAN S. | Jun 16, 2023
Always compassionate and accommodating

SUSAN M. | Jun 06, 2023
My experience has been excellent every call. Dorothy is very easy to speak to and also very knowledgeable. I am very glad I was cold about her and your practice

RONALD M. | Jun 02, 2023
Very professional and nice.

SAMANTA D. | Jun 02, 2023
Good catch up

MARK W. | Jun 02, 2023
Amazing doctor that cares about the patient, lifesaver for my panic disorder and debilitating panic attacks. Couldn’t recommend a better psychiatrist, 5 stars and more! Attention feels very personal and interested in my well being instead of a doctor that talks to you for 5 minutes and throws medications at you. -D

DANIEL M. | Jun 02, 2023
Dorothy is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She is willing to go the extra mile in making you feel better!

DEBORAH J. | Jun 01, 2023
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