Psychotherapy treatment offers you powerful tools to improve your mental health and total wellness. At Wholesome Psychiatry LLC, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Dorothy Borkiewicz, PMHNP-BC, LMHC, offers psychopharmacology treatment alongside psychotherapy, always personalizing the care to you. Call the South Boston office in Boston, Massachusetts, or book your appointment online now.


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What is psychotherapy treatment?

Psychotherapy treatment is mental health care that helps restore balance and mental wellness. It’s often called talk therapy because it’s guided by an experienced mental health professional.

Psychotherapy helps you understand and process your story and uncover your strengths. You can then chip away at issues hindering your mental health and emerge as a stronger, more resilient, person: the authentic you.

Evidence shows that psychotherapy can bring on improved emotional and psychological health along with beneficial changes in the brain and body.

What are the types of psychotherapy treatment?

Wholesome Psychiatry LLC offers a range of proven psychotherapy approaches, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. This psychotherapy approach helps you identify inaccurate or negative thinking so you can learn how to better respond to challenges.

  • Mindfulness therapy

Mindfulness-based approaches help you focus on changes. You learn to observe without judgment, so you can clearly see your thinking patterns and identify when you’re starting to shift to negative thinking.

  • Strength-based therapy

Strength-based therapy helps you emphasize self-determination and unique strengths. It helps you see the positives already within you so you can develop and use them to heal.

Psychotherapy is often especially effective when combined with pharmacogenomic testing and medication management or, in some cases, innovative new treatments like Spravato® (esketamine) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

At Wholesome Psychiatry LLC, your psychotherapy is personalized for your specific needs, so you get whatever you need to foster personal growth, healing, and mental health stability.

I’m stressed and anxious. Do I need psychotherapy treatment? 

With work, school, parenting, relationships, social life, major life changes, or other potential stressors in your life, it’s common to feel stressed and anxious.

Psychotherapy can be an excellent way to better understand and manage your feelings and help you move forward more confidently. No matter what you’re dealing with, Wholesome Psychiatry LLC is a safe space to explore the best way to cope with your current situation and distressing feelings.

Does psychotherapy help with depression? 

Yes, so much so that it’s actually one of the foundations of depression treatment in many cases. Psychotherapy usually works alongside depression medications or other methods of mental health treatment to give you a combination of approaches that help you heal.

If you’re struggling, call Wholesome Psychiatry LLC or book your appointment through online scheduling today.